XDC-530 Micro coater

XDC- 530 Micro coater with Crease Master in line

The VividCoater XDC-Micro™ is a low maintenance, ultra-violet cured coating system that produces a high quality finish to the printed sheet. By producing richer and more vibrant colours on digitally or offset printed pieces the VividCoater XDC-Micro™ offers the on-demand print market the opportunity to have more effective and expressive printed products at a very low cost per page.

The XDC-Micro™ has a footprint that is less than 3'x3' (100 cm square) and has a variable speed of up to 2700 sheets per hour. It can be easily moved through any standard door.

The machine is easy to operate and allows for variable coating thickness control and variable speed control. Features such as easy set handles, standard IR and wiper blade, and vacuum hold down ensure that this machine is user friendly, and quick to set up.

Electrical:  Amperage 30A breaker required,Voltage 208-240V, 50/60Hz, 1 phase  

Max Stock Size:  20.75"W (53 cm)* Unlimited (standard tray holds up to 18"(457mm)  

Dimensions:  Coater Size (LxWXH) 29.25"x35.25"x34.25" (74x87x87 cm) Coater weight: 420 lbs ( 191 kg)  

Coating Capacity:  9 lb (4.1 k) buckets (5000+ sheets)  

Coating Thickness:  5 to 25.4 microns  

Coating Technology:  100% UV Curable/roll flood  

Coating Roller:  Proprietary EDPM  

Coating Finish:  Smooth  

Miscellaneous Information
  • Vacuum hold down
  • Standard IR
  • Coats stock from 128 - 450 gsm
  • Variable speed, up to 2700 sheets per hour
  • Polished chrome metering and bottom rollers
  • Wiper blade
  • Air cooled direct focused UV Lamp and IR
  • Forward/Reverse controls for easy clean up
  • Easy set handles for pressure control/wiper blade

XDC-Micro Coater
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