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UV coatings for commercial printing applications

UV coatings offer a very attractive possibility of finishing commercial prints. They enable for example the efficient production of impressively high gloss process.

UV coatings offer even more. Unpleasant properties, such as odour, are minimized by advanced formulations and outstanding raw materials are used. UV coatings are fast curing and low in odour. They are characterized by very good flow-out, optically perfect surfaces and they are of outstanding scratch and scuff resistance.

UV coatings provide good running capabilities on most coating equipment. High gloss levels with good flow charateristics, fast curing speeds to minimize IR (infrared). Excellant choice for two-sided coating applications with excellant adhesion to most digital ink/pigmented systems.
Multiple coating formulations to choose from:

High gloss coatings
Matt coatings
Satin coatings
Pearlescent coatings
Transparent coatings
Please contact our customer service department to determine the best coating for your application.