XDC coater is available in three sizes (18.80", 26.0" and 29.5" wide) coating profile.  User friendly with touch   screen controls, and on/off lever for the doctor blade.  Deep pile feeder is available and can be added to an existing line in the field.  This coater has a Unique feature IR (infrared) to preheat substrate prior to cure for those difficult to adhere to digital inks.

XDC 660 UV Coater 25" wide, available with or without auto feeder


  Electrical:  208/220-240V 1phase / 60Hz / 55A  
  Speed:  5900’/hour (1800m/hour)  
  Max Stock Size:  26.00”W x 20.5”L 
  Stock Weight:  157-450 gsm
  * changes according to paper quality  
  Dimensions:  Length: 125”
  Width: 44” (92 cm)
  Height: 45” (112 cm)
  Weight: 1300 lbs

  Miscellaneous Information:

  Standard with touch screen controls for easier use
  UV and IR (3 bulbs)
  Deep pile feeder - 18” capacity
  CE approved
  Double sheet detector
  Stainless steel doctor blade (on/off lever)
  3 roller coating application system
  Easy set lever for adjusting roller pressure settings and doctor blade

  Automatic feed requires compressed air
  External ventilation or air purification highly recommended
XDC 660 UV Coater 26" wide
UV roller coater
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