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About National UV Supply Company, Inc.

National UV Supply Company, Inc. (NUVS) was formed in 1981 to support the offset and digital printing industry customer base.  We research and select the latest technology available for our customers to achieve better quality with faster production speeds and reduce the burden of industrial waste with the introduction of safe products in the work place, such as a UV coating machine.  
Our mission for 29 years to date has been to locate the most valuable innovative products, educate and support our customers with the latest unique components available.  Our program consists of training and educating their personnel prior to investing.  We offer continued educational training programs to stay current with new technology. 

For your convenience and peace of mind, NUVS services and warrants all equipment and products offered to our customers.  If your UV coating machine needs repair, NUVS will be there to help.

We welcome our current and potential customers to visit our 16,000 sq. ft. facility that has multiple production lines for you to experience the latest technology available today.  Our technicians have over 50 years combined hands on experience in the UV coater industry.  We believe the best way to reduce stress and educate our customers when searching for new technology is through taking the time to review each customer’s current requirements and review their goals and plans for the future.

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